• shutterstock_115135645Personalized consultations to create a requirement profile for candidates.
    • We pre- select suitable candidates by targeted selection from our staff file, combined with our qualified personnel knowledge and our presence at Polish industry exhibitions and job centers.
    • For our quality insurance we interview all candidates in their mother tongue as well as in German.
    • Expect an immediate presentation of our short listed candidates in a quick and timely manner, to review their suitability specific to the your needs.
    • We organize the applicant’s journey to the business location.
    • Consultation and support for work agreements and contract finalization, as well as documentation requirements for Germany in order to ease the workload of your human resources department.
    • Continuing support for any personnel questions to underline our long standing partnership with our clients.
    • No fees for our services will be charged until the complete recruitment process with at least one of our applicants, has been finalized.  We guarantee a perfect fit for your vacant position, which therefor offers necessary time to confirm the candidate’s professional capabilities.

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